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"Aika" The Luxury Chalet

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Canada to do a video on an airbnb that I'd seen on the website for a while. It seems to me like there's a very stark difference in the levels of luxury when staying at properties in Canada v.s. the US.

This airbnb was a newly built tiny home on a private plot of land that has around 12 other properties that you can also rent. We ended up reviewing 2 of them within the same week timeframe.

two nights and this one and two nights at another one that I'll be editing for next week.

Getting there wasn't too bad. We had a 7-hour drive up and I went with my friend who I'm very glad came along with me.

Crossing the border was a cool experience because everything was instantly French, and it's pretty cool because it quickly made me more excited to be there.

What sucked was that we needed to drive through 3 hours of straight farmland, but we were so excited about the change in language and road signs that it felt a lot faster than it was.

I was pretty surprised that the house was surrounded by a regular suburban neighborhood. The pictures online made it seem like there was so much woodland around it. Getting there actually wasn't too bad but I can't see how any 2 wheel car could make it up. They actually provide a shuttle service in those instances though which I was fortunate to not need.

I'm not going to lie to guys, I barely got any sleep during this trip and that's because I wanted to make sure the video was as good as I thought it could come out.

meaning that every time anything looked nice, I wanted to film it.

so I was up at sunrise and sunset, and I scripted and planned everything out in a pretty unorganized way.

This was also the very first Airbnb that I had gotten for free since the owners had seen my previous videos and were okay with me doing one for their own properties.

They were even okay with paying for my gas for transportation which I appreciated.

I would absolutely love to come back to this place, everyone here was extremely nice, and fortunately, I've found a way to continually get faster at creating content by filming at around sunset then making my script to be filmed in the morning, and filming all the acting shots and any little thing I might have forgotten from the day before.

This adjustment has made it so much more fun to do this work because I can actually relax and work on something else after the shoot is over.

Regardless I hope you enjoy the pictures from this trip! I'll see you all soon.

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