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Atabey Cottage

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

This week I went over to the Atabey Cottages in Cape Cod. This was the first time I've actually been to Cape Cod, which is funny since I've been living in Rhode Island All my life and it's only a two-hour drive away.

Although, since I have been living in Rhode Island my whole life I will say that I was slightly underwhelmed with the location for NO other reason than already being used to the water and beaches.

What was really cool was being able to stay in this cottage that was directly on a beach which was extremely nice.

I'd have to say that my favorite part of the whole trip was the view that you get when you're going to sleep near the water, and even more when you're actually going to sleep and the sound of the waves can actually put you to sleep.

This was probably the fastest I've ever recorded a video to date and I think it's just because I'm getting better and better at recording every time so I had a lot of time to work on some other projects that I have coming out.

Mainly being my course on cinematic video creation which just ties in pretty well with my personal Instagram Page.

The hosts of the property were extremely nice and very young. They ran out to grab me some mint tea when they found out that I don't drink coffee. I may not mention it in the video but the house is actually two cabins in one so you'll have neighbors if you end up staying here.

While I was staying here, they were still living in the other unit so I didn't end up filming their side, but like I said, the cabins are mirror copies of one another.

The cabins are also next to a row of cottages that are apparently US renowned which was news to me once I got there, and the hosts let me know that they actually own one of the cottages and rent it out too.

It was a very nice experience as usual and I was happy to get the opportunity to film here! Enjoy the photos.

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