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Green Mountain Modern

This was also one of my favorite houses to film and review, and a big reason for this is because of how modern it looked and how much it matched the vibe of the future house that I want.

This house looked like a modern house today if it was built in the 70's. There were some aspects of it that definitely work today like the kitchen and the living room, but then other aspects like the stage lights, and basically all of the basement with the wooden walls that looked more like what I would think it would be if it was created in another time.

Either way I really enjoyed my time here but it was very challenging to shoot since it was so large. So far this is the longest video review on my channel, but in about 3 weeks there will be another review that's even longer. I think this property took me somewhere like 3 hours just to film because there's so much, and filming is much harder than you think. It's very easy to forget exactly what it was that you were filming or where you were in your process so this home was a good challenge in ensuring that I would be able to film much larger homes and still have enough footage to make a cohesive story.

The other larger challenge was that I was filming 2 homes again at one time. Meaning that I had to film an entire other property after I was done with this one. This definitely made me rush a little bit, but I was happy with how the video turned out and with how many shots I was able to get!

If you'd like to book this property you can find it here

and if you'd like to have your own property reviewed, you can reach out to me at

I did take some photos of the property so I hope you enjoy!

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