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Green Mountain Tiny

This week's video is about another spot I visited on a week long trip I took to Jamaica Vermont to review a bunch of airbnb's in the area. This time I took a look at the Green Mountain Tiny Home.

I found this one more interesting than the others because it had a staircase in the back and basically a full kitchen. Which up to that point I had never seen in a house that small.

That day of recording was very tough because I'd already filmed a video for Green Mountain Modern which was right down the road. Filming two videos in one day is extremely exhausting considering I need to get all the shots, script both the videos, and actually record everything without (hopefully) forgetting to film parts of the video that I actually need.

The thing with this shoot was that it was sporadically raining. Meaning that I wasn't ever sure if I would be able to record myself outside or not since obviously recording in the rain wouldn't look good.

And a fun fact, this was actually the first time it had ever rained while I was recording which I knew would happen one day. I'm just glad the video came out good regardless. This is also the reason you don't see any B-roll footage of me outside sitting in any of the chairs. It's because the chairs were so wet, and usually I would go out of my way to dry it off, BUT I was trying to keep the Airbnb as clean as possible since I wasn't actually staying in it at that time. All I was doing was filming it and staying at another location. SO, I wanted to keep all of the towels and linens etc. clean so that it wouldn't be a hassle for the owner to clean everything up.

On top of that I was still super tired from already filming one other video so I was trying to finish up as fast as possible so I could get some other shots of the house.

The rain ended up clearing up for me to get a thumbnail photo, which is funny because I usually want a sunny photo for the thumbnail. But with photoshops new AI tools, I actually don't even need it to be sunny to get a sunny photo. The power of editing is truly insane.

I liked that this cabin was in the woods still but very close to the main road. It feels reassuring when you're someone like me who solo travels a lot because other people just don't have the time.

If you're interested in this airbnb the link is right here

and if you're interested in booking me to review your own you can email me here:

Enjoy the photos!

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