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Inside a Luxury Vermont Tiny Home

Hello Everyone,

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a tiny home in Vermont. This was actually the first time I've ever staye

d in a tiny house before. In my video I mention that I'm 6'4, so the whole time driving to the spot I thought it was pretty funny that I found myself reviewing homes that are only a few feet wider than the car i was in.

Regardless the home was awesome and since I made a whole video about it, this will just be the things I couldn't mention in the video.

Behind the Scenes

The property is actually owned by a group called Wildwood Collective. The land under the property is owned by other people who live right across the street from the property.

They have their own Airbnb's but the land is actually theirs. I think this is a very unique arrangement but it

looked like it was working out well.

Cooking in this property was a little harder than the other ones I've stayed in because there isnt an actual stove. The good news is that the local town is very close, so you can always head get something to eat close by.

There's actually a path that leads down to the river and passes another Airbnb. The owner of the property told me that they had just bought the house and 50 acres of land recently and that they plan on renovating it with picnic tables and some cows.

They also have a little farm with some chickens and rabbits. I was not expecting this at all. I probably should have covered it a little bit more in the video but it made my day a little more interesting.

All in all, it was a great experience and I'm excited to be back whenever they'll have me!

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