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Le Hygge: A Couples Retreat

As stated in the last blog post. I had the opportunity to review two properties in Canada with Le Montagne, Le Me Maelstrom. This next property is definitely meant for couples or just one person.

My video will do a good job at explaining everything that went on in the video. So of course I'll give you the parts that we didn't talk about too much during the video.

Firstly, This shoot was the first time I'd refined my systems of filming to where I was able to get video of the property as soon as we got there, and then immediately write the script so that I can wake up the next morning to record.

We get back from the aquarium and the city around 4 and we actually both felt sick. I think the reason was because we didn't want to drink the water so we both became pretty dehydrated. The water is good to drink according to the airbnb host. But I think we were more concerned with the taste of it and drinking as little as possible until we got bottled water.

the problem was that when we ended up getting the bottled water it tasted so bad. It's because it had sodium and some other thing that isn't normally in the water in Rhode Island. So that made the experience even worse.

Regardless, filming directly after was so tiring that I pretty much just fell asleep. until Monty woke me up to eat some food and record some of the night shots in the video.

The Shower

Showering was interesting because like the video shows, there's no actual divider from the shower to your bedroom or really anything.

So fortunately for Monty, I was sleeping when he went to take a shower, and I decided to sleep upstairs.

When I needed to shower he would just go upstairs and read a book but it felt I felt so exposed. Although at some point I just had to embrace it and go with it.

Random Things

When I started the hot tub it was around sunset and the mosquitos came out of nowhere. If you're going here I would recommend going in the hot tub after dusk because we had to go inside since the mosquitos were so bad.

We never ended up actually trying out the heated flooring which is a little bit sad. But usually, when I'm on shoots like this, I'm so focused on getting the shots and the storyline correct that I don't actually have any time to really relax and try out every single thing that airbnb may have to offer.

The string lights that lead you to your car actually turn off at 10 but the host was nice enough to keep them on a little longer for me so that I could film some videos of the lights for the main video, and I thought that was really nice.

That's pretty much it!

I hope to come back here and review a lot more of their other properties, everyone here was super nice and inviting and it made the experience so fun for me. Although if I come back here, I'm flying, because the 7 hour drive was not something I really want to do again.

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