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The Alpine A Frame

This Week I headed over to Vermont again to check out the Alpine A-Frame

This was the very first A-Frame Cabin I've been to and it was hosted by the Wildwood Collective. Which is a collection of homes that are predominantly in New England.

For the next few weeks I'll be traveling with them in order to shoot some of their homes! And to start out I had this A-Frame.

When I got here I was so happy to see that they leave you with snacks that you can enjoy when you arrive. It was a little annoying that I had to wait to eat them until after I was finished recording. To be honest, I think I did eat some, and then just recorded anyways because when I got to the cabin I was so hungry.

When I got to the cabin I also noticed that I completely forgot my gimbal, which is what stabilized the footage and allows me to do the really cool speed ramps that I've been putting in most of my videos. This meant that for this video, every shot that you see is handheld or on a tripod. So if you don't notice anything fantastic. But if you do... well you know why.

I did like this cabin but I will say it's not as luxurious as the other properties they have. I think the point is it's still a cabin and it's for people who want to be in a cabin and don't want all the other luxuries that distract them from why they're in a place like Vermont. More power to you all there but I do enjoy my luxuries.

Also my allergies were acting up like crazy while I was here, but that didn't take away from the fact that the backyard was gorgeous.

Make sure you check out my video if you want to see more of the A-Frame since I do much better of a job filming than I do writing out articles.

and if you want to book the cabin for yourself the link the Airbnb Site is right below.

Enjoy these pictures that I took!

The Alpine A-Frame: Book Here

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