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The Post Haus

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

This week I went back to Vermont to visit the Post Haus. This is a house that's a part of the Wildwood Collective, a group of homes owned by the same hospitality company that basically specializes in curated luxury vacation homes primarily in Vermont.

This house was my favorite house to stay in yet. For whatever reason, I felt like I was actually living in this house when I was staying here. Even though it isn't the exact style of house I would imagine myself actually living in.

I think the biggest pull for me was the large yard and the fact that everything was so well-fenced in and secluded from everything else.

While I was shooting this video, we actually had smoke coming in from some Canadian wildfires which caused a whole bunch of smoke to fill the sky. Because of this, a lot of the drone footage from this day looks very cloudy and it's actually because it's smoke.

I was actually filming 2 properties at the same time on this day. Because of this I actually wasn't able to get as many shots as I really wanted to get. Meaning that you might see some repeat shots in the video, but fortunately, I was definitely able to tell the story of the home since I did a pretty good job at preparing everything from the night before.

If you do decide to stay at this property and you want to use the sauna, I would recommend starting it up around an hour or so before you actually want to use it. It does take a little time to warm up. And unfortunately the speakers wouldn't connect to my phone, but I wouldn't take your phone in if I were you.

If you're looking to stay at this property I'll leave the listing below! and if you want me to review a property you might have, reach out to me at

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