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The Timbery | The Handmade Cabin

Hey everyone, This weeks video is about an airbnb that I went to visit in Vermont. This Airbnb was built completely by hand. And I got the chance to meet the owner of the property who was way younger than I thought he would be. Which is awesome since it means there are people doing things out of the norm to build a better life for themselves. He said that he had been seeing other people making money using Airbnb and he wanted to join in.

What I found the most interesting is how the cabin was constructed. In the video I talk about the techniques that were used to build the house. And after speaking with the owner, he confirmed that he had learned through someone he knew who had built houses before.

I'm still very impressed that this was his very first build, considering how good it turned out. My favorite parts are definitely the windows because of how large they are and because of how much light it let's in.

Honestly, there's only a few behind-the-scenes details that I want to talk about in this article, one being there was a bear at one point in the woods so they let off a bear buster which sounds like a firework being set off. And after that happened my brother wanted to get some waters from the car which was extremely scary but we still went out anyways and survived.

The real reason it was scary was because, like I said, in the video, the path to get to the property is the length of a football field so we were walking in complete darkness for a little bit of time before we actually got to the car so everything that moved around us while we were walking might as well have been a bear.

The next thing is that we were watching the Celtics game and unfortunately they lost to the Heat which sucked but it is what it is.

The host is also planning on creating another Airbnb on the same property. So hopefully I'll get the chance to head up there around September and review that one. He showed me the designs and it looks absolutely insane. It's a glass A-frame cabin with a sauna.

And I can't stress enough how impressed I am with this man's skill because it's not like there's running water that goes to this area of Vermont, he had to dig 200 feet down to form a well. And I'm not even sure how you would go through routing electricity, and how that would work. And then, with the addition of a sauna, it's just going to be a lot. But I am excited to see how that one turns out and considering he is so driven. I'm sure this is going to be one of many properties that he creates.

As usual enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the shoot and if you would like to book with Caelan I'll leave the listing right below this paragraph. Make sure you check out my video though if you want to see a more entertaining tour of the property.

The Timbery: Book Here

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